Research Projects
Title: New challenges in spatio-temporal modelling with applications in health, violence against women, and remote sensing, ProjectID: MTM2017-82553-R, Main Researcher: M. Dolores Ugarte,
Title: Inequalities in Healt: Study of the temporal evolution pattern of incidence and mortality cancer in small areas, ProjectID: 113. 2186/2014, Main Researcher: A. F. Militino
Title: Modeling both satellite and grand-truth data for estimating spatio-temporal trends with remote sensing data: applications to monitoring crops with the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and the land surface temperature (LST), ProjectID: 2016/PI015 MODELIZACIÓN, Main Researcher: A. F. Militino
Title: Disease Mapping and applications to the spatio-temporal patterns of incidence and mortality cancer, ProjectID: MTM2014-51992-R, Main Researcher: M. Dolores Ugarte
Title: Contributions to spatio-temporal modelling with appplications in epidemiology, climatology, paleoecology, and GNSS, ProjectID: MTM2011-22664, Main Researcher: M. Dolores Ugarte